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Shirley's Coffee Shop - Team

Serving the best of Chamorro, Filipino and American cuisine in large servings is at the very heart of Shirley’s Coffee Shop. These are what make this cozy place truly unique and distinct. With this, Shirley’s set out to delight Guam patrons with its first coffee shop in 1983. This is the story of Shirley Wai.

Now more fondly called Mama Shirley, Shirley Wai built her first Shirley’s Coffee Shop at the Agana Downtown Hotel on Guam in January 1983. She had little experience in the restaurant business but because she loved good food and had a desire to always bring happiness to the dinner table, she was a quick learner and was already preparing dishes that rivaled those of established restaurants not long after setting up shop. Mama Shirley brought tasteful variety and volume to her menu.

The many pleasant and appetizing choices on the menu and the coffee shop’s casual, homey ambiance became the perfect combination that attracted families and friends alike. Favorite dishes were born out of the consistent choices of very frequent patrons and before long, these “faves” became the all-time favorites for many customers, even first-timers.

With their “belly-busting” signature dishes like the now famous Shirley’s Fried Rice and Shirley’s Pancakes, the establishment quickly grew and expanded with three more outlets on Guam (Airport, Harmon and Tamuning).

Shirley’s captured the hearts – and stomachs – of people all over looking for a friendly, wholesome place to hangout and heartily dine with family and friends. So, it was but natural that in 1993, the Dynamic Core Group, Inc. was granted a franchise to operate Shirley’s Coffee Shop on Saipan.

This have since become a mainstay for anyone and everyone with big appetites who enjoy good food with good company. From breakfast to lunch to dinner and beyond, Shirley’s has welcomed diners and food-lovers from all walks of life; from Japanese and Korean tourists, to American, Chamorro and Filipino families.

Presently, Shirley’s has two full-service “coffee shops cum diners” on Saipan, one at the lobby of the Century Hotel in Garapan and the other in Susupe, right across the Mt. Carmel church. And by “full service,” they really go beyond the great food and polite and friendly staff – Shirley’s in Garapan operate 24/7 and both branches offer free wireless internet access for all, may be it locals, tourists, business travelers or students. In keeping with the  times and with technology.

Shirley’s also set up it’s very own website and blog. Both can be accessed at www.shirleyscoffeeshop.com.

Today, Shirley’s Coffee Shop with the red, swirly letters on its logo, is one of the most recognizable brands on the island, or even perhaps the entire western pacific. No small feat for a one-woman startup on Guam many years ago.

Mission Statement
Shirley’s Coffee Shop is in the business to provide a casual dining alternative to the people of Saipan, where they will get their money’s worth of consistent quality and reasonably priced food and prompt friendly service. We hope to be the no.1 neighborhood restaurant on the island of Saipan.